Elizabeth - Dark Brown

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The darker roots fade into a rich chocolatey brown through the tips guaranteed to turn more than a few heads. Elizabeth style wigs sport a long and soft manageable curl! This long curly wig is 27 inches in length and has straight-cut bangs.

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Elizabeth Dark Brown Curly Wig

Even royalty will feel jealous when they see you sporting our beautiful Elizabeth dark brown curly wig, made to be elegant and eye-popping.

The darker roots fade into a rich chocolatey brown through the tips guaranteed to turn more than a few heads. You can't help but feel confident when you're wearing all 27" of such a stand-out piece, accented by long, straight-cut bangs. With soft curls that can be tightened or straightened at your command, the world is your oyster at parties, on the street, or even in your own home! Feel confident when you're holding court, and give your life some extra flair and enjoy this curly dark brown wig! 

Elizabeth Dark Brown Curly Wig Details

This princess-like curly brown wig is created with natural looking synthetic fiber that is both tangle resistant and heat treatable. Temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit can be used to style this wig with any tool, including flat irons, hair dryers, and curling irons. Though this gorgeous curly brown wig comes with soft curls, it can be styled any way you can imagine! The smooth tangle resistant fiber used in this curly brown wig makes it durable and easy to maintain, even through the longest days of wear.

Elizabeth Dark Brown Curly Wig Dimensions

  • Length: 27" from top of scalp/ 25" from hairline
  • Cap Size: 23"

Elizabeth Curly Brown Wig Styling Tips

For those new to wearing Pish Posh wigs, take a look at our buyer's guide, to get tips on how to care for and style your brand new Elizabeth Dark brown curly wig. If you have any further questions, please send them over to customer support where our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help.

Everyone deserves to feel regal and gorgeous, and the dignified Elizabeth style aims to give you that opportunity on top personal customization, if you so please! This Elizabeth curly brown wig is will keep for performances, photo shoots, and even daily wear, and still be ready for whatever comes next!